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New winds are blowing in my window

Autumn is coming in homeopathic doses – climate change extends each new year with heat waves in southern Brazil until May – and Janela de Marcia watches the arrival of the South wind blowing memories of the past and bringing an expectation of what is to come.

Many special people have passed through Janela de Marcia  in the 2010-2011 summer: I have had the honor and pleasure to receive people representing the five continents of our planet. People who have enriched my life tremendously and that I will never forget.  All these guests arrived with new energy, and through their travelers’ eyes I kept discovering a new Florianopolis at each trail, beach, dinner or night that I could enjoy together with them.

This rebirth of experience has awakened me to a very strong metaphor. When I had my first son, nothing could compare to the thrill of his birth; the love I experienced was so intense that I felt that I could never have any more inside me to give to another child. When I became pregnant with my second child, I wondered the whole pregnancy how I would be able to have love left inside me to give to this next unborn? When Gabriel was born, though. I discovered something amazing inside me. The love I felt for Leonardo, my first child, was not divided or lessened but multiplied by two as if my heart had become bigger …

Janela de Marcia has brought me incredible people every day, Interesting people who become part of my life, and every time they leave me I ask myself how can I ever feel the same way towards someone else? What I have learned, however, is something very similar to what I went through with the birth of my children: each person, each guest, who comes through here becomes a multiplier of my love and when they leave they take a piece of this love to share with their universe.

Earlier in my life, I was the traveler, the one who would say goodbye to home. I was born in Rio de Janeiro, lived in New York, then in Austin Texas, and traveled throughout Europe, to Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, France, always leaving part of my heart everywhere I went . But Florianópolis enchanted me and here I have decided to land. I opened my window to the world and today I am no longer the person who goes away, but the one who stays and watches the others as they pass through on their magical journeys.…

The autumn breeze fills me with serenity and anticipation, as it opens Janela de Marcia into the unknown. Who is coming?